Saturday, December 25, 2010

And May All Your Christmases Be Green!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

My tolerance is extremely high nowadays, so I rarely get ripped, and the difference between my normal and high states of mind is increasingly subtle. The other day I decided I would sit down and note how I feel when I'm sober and when I'm high so as to renew my appreciation of the wonderful herb. These were my results:

"Thursday, December 23, 2010 12:00 AM

I am writing this log entry so that I can compare my cognitive functions before and after smoking marijuana. I haven’t done any drugs today. My thoughts are fluid. Given any subject, I can concentrate on it and generate abstractions. I would describe my emotional state as being quite normal, perhaps a little bored.

...12:24 AM

I just returned from smoking one marijuana joint. My head and face feel physically different, though that may be a result of the cold temperature environment in which I smoked. My head feels tingly, light-weight, and pleasant. My hands feel warm, and it feels good to smile. The couch that I am sitting on feels extra comfortable, as if a gentle giant was holding me in his soft, cushiony palms. I feel growing energy in my balls. I notice now that this very descriptive paragraph has grown longer than the “baseline” one above it. Perhaps my aforementioned ability to “generate abstractions” is greatly enhanced, for I feel that the fluidity of my thought transcription is greatly increased. My mind feels like the molten hot lava oozing down the face of a volcano. Wow, that last sentence contains unintended sexual innuendo. Now that I think of it, this entire paragraph is quite suggestive. Wut"

So what did we learn from this experiment? We learned that weed makes you feel good. We learned that weed makes you think creatively. And last, but no least, we learned that I may have some psychological issues.

Stay high, my friends!


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