Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jazz and Rain

Smooth jazz fills the smoky room, but I try to concentrate on the faint pitter-patter of rain. It's more pleasing to my ears. And as I expel a lungful of rose flavored smoke into the empty space, I realize that I'm alone. Not in the sense that I am unaccompanied this evening. No, there are plenty of people around, some of whom would even call me a friend, if such a thing exists.

My isolation is internal, an understanding that I am composed of the same decaying matter as the grass that I trod on so thoughtlessly to get to this hole in the wall.

As I fall deeper and deeper into a drunken stupor, I see things more soberly. I ponder the futility of my action, action in general. Eventually, I just stop acting. Everyone around me seems so giddy, so eager to experience something or other at some point in fleeting time. They try to keep each other entertained with trivial exchanges in the meantime, but I can't bring myself to participate. When I'm called on to comment on some inane subject, I try my best to seem interested, but my words are sparse, my insincerity painfully obvious.

The blue-eyed girl sitting across the table says, "You're awfully quiet tonight." She and her friends giggle as they look to me for a response. The jazz gets louder. What's so awful about being quiet, I think to myself.

"I don't know" is all I can manage to say.

My most sincere words of the night. They giggle again and resume their performance. I lean back and listen to the rain. I decompose.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vapor vs. Smoke

I recently got to smoke out of a Volcano vaporizer for the first time ever. This thing is awesome! It filled up ten foot bags of vapor in no time. This got me thinking about my plans for next year. You see, I will be moving out of my dorm and into an apartment with some buddies, so I will have a newfound freedom to get high. My buddies and I have decided that we will all thrown in some money for a nice piece that we can all use. The question becomes do we want a nice vaporizer like the Volcano or do we want a nice glass bong?

Now having tried the absolute best vapor high a machine can produce, I must say I am a little underwhelmed. The vaporizer is great in that it is 100% healthy and the high is a very cerebral, functional one, but, if you want to get super, duper high, there is nothing like smoke. Sure, it may be harsher on the lungs, but nothing beats a huge rip of a double, perhaps triple, percolated bong with ice and a diffused ash-catcher. Plus, I feel like there is some valuable ritualistic quality in a *smoke* session that lacks when you are vaporizing.

Plus, blowing smoke out of my nose makes me feel like a dragon :3

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My New Pipe, Reptar

My new pipe came in the mail today. I got it from It's color changing glass, about 4 inches long. The bowl is bigger than I expected, so I'm very pleased about that. I named her Reptar, a throwback that many from my generation can appreciate. I'll post another pic of her when her colors start appearing!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It Found Me

"Jesus man! You don't look for acid! Acid finds you when *it* thinks you're ready."
-Hunter S. Thompson

A mere week after my first shroom trip, the opportunity arose to drop a single tab of acid. I woke up that Saturday with an immediate anticipation for the hours that were to come. I placed the tab under my tongue while walking to the train that would take me to Boston for the day. The effects took forever to come on! At one point, I had concluded that the tab was bunk, and I got disappointed. The next thing I know, I'm tripping my sack off! Well, that's kind of an overstatement. It wasn't a very visual trip (not as visual as the shrooms at least). At most, things would form swirly patterns when I zoned out. It was definitely a psychological trip. I felt like I was taking in so much sensory input all at once. Compared to shrooms, it wasn't as dark or mentally unstable. It was a comfortable, functional, and intellectual high. Euphoric, indescribable.

Later that night, while I was still tripping, I decided to drink some vodka. I found that I could drink a LOT more than normal. The alcohol got me acting all silly, but it wasn't a normal drunk state. It was like being drunk in acid world if that makes any sense...

In conclusion, acid is awesome, and I can't wait to do it again!

Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Mushroom Trip

Yesterday I tripped for the first time. I split 5 grams with my good buddy, and we went to the Boston commons. We posted up by a tree and listened to Pink Floyd on a small speaker while waiting to come up. In a wave, my vision and cognitive state changed. Everything around me became vibrant, and object were breathing. When I looked at the tree branches, I was reminded of dendrites. They became animated. The grass formed fractal patters, infinite polygons reforming. Music was the best.

After a while of tripping out by the tree, we started walking around Boston. The trip transformed; it became more psychological and less visual. I became very introspective. I spent a lot of time observing other peoples' actions and asking myself "Why?" Why do people do the things they do? I came to the realization that no one really knows what is true; we just do what we think is best in order to attain happiness. We are all just actors in a beautiful, yet utterly meaningless play. I felt connected to everyone and everything around me. Everything was one fluid whole.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

And May All Your Christmases Be Green!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

My tolerance is extremely high nowadays, so I rarely get ripped, and the difference between my normal and high states of mind is increasingly subtle. The other day I decided I would sit down and note how I feel when I'm sober and when I'm high so as to renew my appreciation of the wonderful herb. These were my results:

"Thursday, December 23, 2010 12:00 AM

I am writing this log entry so that I can compare my cognitive functions before and after smoking marijuana. I haven’t done any drugs today. My thoughts are fluid. Given any subject, I can concentrate on it and generate abstractions. I would describe my emotional state as being quite normal, perhaps a little bored.

...12:24 AM

I just returned from smoking one marijuana joint. My head and face feel physically different, though that may be a result of the cold temperature environment in which I smoked. My head feels tingly, light-weight, and pleasant. My hands feel warm, and it feels good to smile. The couch that I am sitting on feels extra comfortable, as if a gentle giant was holding me in his soft, cushiony palms. I feel growing energy in my balls. I notice now that this very descriptive paragraph has grown longer than the “baseline” one above it. Perhaps my aforementioned ability to “generate abstractions” is greatly enhanced, for I feel that the fluidity of my thought transcription is greatly increased. My mind feels like the molten hot lava oozing down the face of a volcano. Wow, that last sentence contains unintended sexual innuendo. Now that I think of it, this entire paragraph is quite suggestive. Wut"

So what did we learn from this experiment? We learned that weed makes you feel good. We learned that weed makes you think creatively. And last, but no least, we learned that I may have some psychological issues.

Stay high, my friends!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Boom Music

Music is awesome when you're high. Listen to Lord Quas, the inspiration for this blog.